Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Story in Crowded Bus

Its about my friend....

Enjoy readers...

I am a 24 year old bengali girl, work in an office after my graduation.One day i was out for my office and went to metro rail station.I found for some technical fault the metro is not available for some hours,so I had no other way to catch a bus for my office.
The bus was very crowded ,one reason is the office time and other reason is the metro failiour.I got into the bus and somehow i managed to push myself little inside the bus.I stood near the ladies seat.It's like all the city people gathered in the same bus,then I felt a lower class man arround 45 years standing behind me.The bus was so crowded so hat's why all people sticking with each others body.That man also sticking with me and for the crowd in front of me i was allmost leaning on him.Suddenly I felt something on my buttocks,and very soon that thing grew harder and harder.I knew that's the man's cock.That man is wearing a dirty shirt and a lungi.That's a very common incident in a crowded bus for a woman.Most of the men take advantage of the crowd and do that.Showin some angry eyes or tell them to move away in a stern voice work instantly.So i turned back to tell him to move away but I saw the bus is fully packed up,there is nowhere to move even 1 inch.I looked at him with disgust but he was standing with an innocent face.That man looks ugly with his dirty clothes.So i decided to keep quite and thaught it's just a matter of time when the crowd will be less I can get rid of that bastard.I was feeling so uncoffortable in this position but due the crowd I could not say anything to him,there was really no space to go for him and me both.After 2 mins he started rubbing his cock on my ass.Again I looked at him in a irritating way but that really did not work on him anyway, he continued wht he was doing.I did ind what to say and what to do,Then I saw he he took his hand off from the handrail of the bus and put it on his cock, he placed it on my ass crack properly and again started giving thursts with the jerking of the bus.Oh god am I encoureging the man? I thaught to myself. He is doing things very confidently now.I looked at other people in the bus arround me, I found no one is really aware abut it.A lower class middle aged man molesting me in a crowded bus.For the pushes of the crowd and the jerking of the moving bus his cock was getting displaced so he was bringing his hand down and placing his cock on my crack.Then the bus went to a bump and jerked a lot, he took the advantage and held my waist by his left hand.Seeing no resistance from me he grew bold and took his right hand too on my waist. Now he is holding me by my waist as a grip and srtrking his cock on my ass.

It's like he's fucking me from behind in a public bus which is full of crowd,then one stopes came and some people got down but more people got in. Due to the crowd the full pressuer of my ass was on his fully erect cock and he was enjoying it so much holding me like this he was stroking his cock on my ass almost fucking my ass over my salwar. I was wearing a black salwar quamiz that day.He was so close to me that I could feel his hot breath on my shoulder.The whole situation was so uneasy for me but still I could not say anything to him even I could not look at him could not meet his eyes,It's like an unknown man a lower class pervert fucking me and I am standing under his crontrol letting him my ass to fuck, serving my ass to him.I wanted to slap him hard but i could not create a scene there , somethin stopped me and again I stucked in my position.Sudenly I felt he moved his left hand from my waist then within 1 minute I understood what happend, he pulled off my salwar in one quick motion and his cock now under my salwar, direct on my quamiz . Now his cock is covered by my salwar and I could feel his cock more now.
The bus is standing on a traffic jam now and I am sweating like hell.He is having me like his own bitch,he slowly placed his right hand under my salwar and touched my right ass cheek.Oh my god he's going so far , then he completly placed his full palm on my ass and cupped my right ass globe.I could not belive this , my ass is on his grip ,his cock is on my ass crack and other hand on my waist.Then he started caresing my ass little and after 2 minutes of caresing he squezed it real hard that I shivered.I glanced at other passengers and then our eyes met.He was looking at my face at complete lust .I am a fair complexioned girl with little curly hair when I move on road people always give me a second look . I immidietly moved my eyes away.Now he is feeling the outline of my panty,pulled the elastick once and again cupped the ass globe one more time very boldly.
He is cupping my right bum very confidently this time, then he started kneading my butt after that he replaced his hand on my thigh and started feeling my right thigh over the thin quamiz and again he took his hand on my bum.Seeing no protest from me that bastard grew bolder and bolder. He held his cock over his lungi and rubbed it on my ass crack so hard.I shivered again.It's still long way to go so I thaught to get down from the bus,but I had no place to move and it would be a long struggle to go to the bus door.It can't go on so i decided to get down but again I stopped because I was in midway of my office , few more stopes are there and if I get down it will difficult for me to get any veichle to get in because all of those are packed, fully crowded due to metro failiour.So I decided to bear with it it's just matter of time,I told to myself. He is now exchanged his hands, now he is holding my waist by his right hand and cupping my left bum with his left hand. He is kneading and squeezing my ass cheeks and fully feeling it by his rough hands and kept stroking his groin on my ass .I was so surprised and stunned by his boldness.

I am standing in the middle of the bus middle of the crowd and a lower class pervert having sex with me touching my secret parts. for a conservative girl like me it was impossible to think few hours ago but it's happening with me middle of all the people. I was feeling very disgusted but in other hand I felt a strange feeling inside me that a total stranger is touching my secret parts , somewhere I felt a thrill inside me somekind of sensetion was running through my spine. Oh no what I am thinking I am a good looking young woman getting molested by a ugly pervert and I can't help.I am standing in same position due to the crowd my body weight is on his cock and he is taking this opportunity cupping and kneading my bums. His cock is stucked with my ass and time to time he is managing his cock by placing on my ass crack. He felt that I won't protest and he was quite encouraged by that, he pulled the elastic of panty and placed one fingure under the panty and he was feeling the softness better. I was getting turned on by his acts and also I can't help from getting aroused. He started thurst his hard cock more rapidly that time.Then I felt he removed his hand from my ass and kept it on my back just upon my bra hook over my salwar.Slowly he moved his hand through my midriff and placed it on my waist . Now he is holding my waist with his both hands from both side and thrusting his cock with a faster speed. One more time I glanced all the people arround me and found no was aware about his movements because of the running bus and the jerckings on the road.Oh my god he now holding me as a grip and thrusting me hard from behind.I can feel his erect cock his hardness under my salwar right over my quamiz and panty.
He was pumping from behind by holding my waist and suddenly he increased he speed and took some faster strokes,again nobody could make out anything. That bastard is very much expert on this . I was sure he did it with many women in buses. He was moveing clearly in to and fro motion and any other co passenger can easily realize what's happening if they pay a little attention but that man seemed not bothered about people.At my position I was feeling nervous, I looked outside through window and saw three more stopes left. The next stopes came and again a rush appeared , I had to push myself little behind because some passengers were getting down who was standing or seating in front of me. This time he took the advantage of the rush and he took his left hand on my left breast and squeezed it . It was too much I can't belive it , I hoped nobdy has'nt seen my molestetion . At last, I felt that bustard pumped & created high pressure on my soft round & high ass by his hard & strong dick. His dick was flippering and squeezing hot semen on my ass crack and he gave me his last hard pump on my ass.At this stopes the crowd became less because much people got down. he sensed that and took off his hands from my waist and put it on handrails,but he did not move from his position . His hard cock was still inside my salwar touching my ass but he could not push it anymore cause there were not many people arround us. I saw the way to the bus door, it was not that crowded anymore. I almost ran away from there and stood near the door. On my way I saw that man quickly shifted his place just behind of an another woman, a woman of arround 22-25 years who was standing beside me wearing pink salwar-kamiz. I mannaged my cloths and taking deep breath near the door. I was thinking about the sexual encounter just happend to me inside a public bus. I could not belive it happend to me a conservative brahmin woman, he did whatever he can and I could not do anything even could not protest.My stopes came, I jumped from the bus and started walking towards my office, I could not look back inside the bus. At my office I went to the bathroom and saw the spot of his white semen on my salwar (on my ass crack)As I weared black salwar-kamiz, the white spot was quite clear on my ass.


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